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Who we are

Ours is an organisation that was birthed to start a 'Bridge Work' between the analogue world and the digital. To start a construct for linking the past to the present and to join in the journey into the future of Media, in meeting the dynamic challenges that face the 'Media World'

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We link the past to the present,
We influence tomorrow from today.


Since 2013, we have taken the lead in training and supporting professionals from different spheres in the art of media documentation for development.

Our Vision

To be the bridge between the analogue and digital world.

Our Mission

To provide specialized services in research and documentation in media for the purpose of development.

We are taking on the challenge of interpreting media research, documentation, analysis, and presentation for development and growth in industry and in public life.

Our Team
We are a team of skilled media and production experts,
with decades of experience between us.